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IMPORTANT NOTICE: Due to the current world situation due to COVID 19, and if the authorities impose it on us, the show could have to be suspended at any time despite having all the permits granted for its celebration.


Invited judges

Sra. Donatella Mastrangello Italia
(IT)-Bélgica (BE)
CAT. 1 - 2 - 3 & 4

Sr. Gerardo Fraga
(ES) España
Cat. 1, 2, 3 y 4

Sra. Anna Wilczek
(PL) Polonia - (BE) Bélgica
Cat. !, 2, 3 y 4

Sra. Helen Reiter
(DE) Alemania
Cat. !, 2, 3 y 4



Closing admision date: september 26th, or a number of cats admitted 160


You must get your cat vaccinated against rabies. Rabies vaccine it's mandatory




  • Payments after closing date 10% surcharge.
    Registrations accepted after the closing date (subject to acceptance) 10% surcharge.
    Door payments 20% surcharge.
1 day
2 days
 Classes 1ª - 10ª - Adults
50 €
60 €
 Classes 11 & 12 - Kittens and Youngsters
50 €
60 €
 Class 14 - House cat
20 €
28 €
 Gatos fuera de concurso
20 €
28 €
 Suplementary classes
25 €
 Extra place
20 €
 Fee (Together with entry)
10 €
 Fee (The same day of the show)
15 €




Veterinary control will start at 8:30am on Saturday and at 9:30am on Sunday

    The show veterinarians have the authority to deny the access to the show hall to cats that do not meet health standards required.

    - The judges have the authority to disqualify cats that do not meet the health standards required, after the confirmation from the veterinarian.

    -The decisions of the judges are independent and CANNOT BE DISPUTED.

    -The decisions of the veterinarians are independent and CANNOT BE DISPUTED, as they are accountable to the authorities for the show. -Any cat that hasn’t gone through the vetting cannot be present at the show hall.

    -Any females showing signs of pregnancy or lactating queens will not be admitted to the show. All cats must be clean, without parasites, in good health conditions and with the nails cut at the veterinary control.

    • All cats must be vaccinated annually by a veterinarian against feline panleucopenia, feline calicivirus and feline herpesvirus and have had the required boosters at least 15 days prior to the show. Kittens and Juniors must have two boosters
    • All cats must be identified by microchip
    • Annual Rabies vaccination is mandatory for all cats coming from abroad at least 28 days prior to the show
    • All white cats must have a veterinary certificate stating they are not deaf
    • All house cats older than 10 months participating at a FIFe show must be neuter.
    If during the vetting in or during the show the officiating veterinarian discovers that a cat shows symptoms of sickness (for example: viral, bacterial, fungal or parasitical), the cat in question, together with all the cats belonging with the same exhibitor, will be denied admission to the show hall resp. must be removed immediately from the show hall.



  • No entry will be admitted without the proof of payment and without the microchip number.
  • Entry cancellations will only be admitted until the closing date, all cancellations done after that date will not be reimbursed.
  • All cats belonging to a member of ASFE must be registered under his/her name.
  • The entries from non ASFE members or foreign exhibitors must be confirmed by their clubs. In case that the cats belong to TICA or CFA the
  • TICA or CFA registration under the name of the exhibitor must be sent together with the entry.
  • The cats belonging to non FIFe exhibitors may only participate in the following show classes:
    - Class 12 – Kittens (4-7 months) Class 11 – Juniors (7-10 months)
    - Class 10 – CAP (open class Neuters) Class 9 – (Open class)


  • Color recognition will take place on Saturday for the cats entered both days
  • Color recognition on Sunday will take place only for cats entered that day.
  • Color recognition (Class 13b) must be requested together with the entry. A cat which has not had a color recognition competing in the wrong color/group won’t get any qualification nor classification. (art. 6.5 FIFe Show Rules) And should request from the show Secretariat a color recognition for the following day.


It is not allowed to remove the cats from the show hall before the end of the show without special permission from the Organizer. The failure to comply with this may result in penalties.

The show pens are 60X60X60 per cat. Personal pens can be used and must be requested with the show entry. The minimum measures approved by FIFe is 50X50X50 per cat.

Personal pens will not be permitted for a single cat unless an extra space must be requested (subject to availability)
Personal pens must have good visibility, otherwise they will not be allowed.


Payments from abroad

ASFE BANK account:

CAIXABANK ES49 2100 2533 3613 00289365
BIC (Bank Identifier Code) o SWIFT CODE CaixaBank: CAIXESBBXXX






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